Holy Smokes Batman! A Fiery Tale of Power Supply Repair

Power Supply Needs Repairs

Burned Power Supply Before

Holy Smokes Batman!  This power supply was on fire…literally!  A hair-incinerating event for our west coast equipment manufacturing customer…and one we hope does not happen in your plant.  This summer heat may challenge your ability to keep your equipment from overheating and possibly bursting into flames like this one.

When this charred “patient” arrived on our docks I have to admit we were a little pessimistic.  But with the right parts available and some great technicians we were able to get this power supply all cleaned up and operational again.  Nice work team!  Another power supply repairs success!

Power Supply Repaired

Power Supply After Repairs

Everyone have a safe weekend!

How Good Customer Service Can Turn Bad News Into Good News

Get Good Help ACS Has Outstanding Customer ServiceHave you ever called a company and gotten an unenthusiastic, uninterested, unconscientious (or maybe just plain unconscious) customer service person?  We all have and it’s an aggravating experience.

When it comes to customer service we ALL want to deliver the good news – “your item is repaired and is on it’s way back to you!”  Yippee! But bad news?  No one wants to make that call.  So, when is bad news sometimes also good news?  When your outstanding customer service team makes it that way!

For example, by staying in constant touch with our customer, a mid-west musical equipment manufacturer, providing detailed repair reports and by doing  advance research on viable alternatives our customer service rep Bridget recently made the bad news that the customer’s cnc controller was unrepairable a far less bitter pill to swallow.  So much so that this is what they had to say:

“I gotta say it has been an absolute pleasure dealing w/ you and everyone else we have collectively spoken to @ your company…. On behalf of all of us, thank you for making this unfortunate outcome such a positive experience along the way. It has truly been the silver lining to our cloud! :)”

Warm regards,


Now, certainly Chris was not happy that the controller could not be repaired.  But a caring, conscientious customer service approach helped make it less frustrating.  Information was transparent and shared throughout the process, there were no surprises, and we provided possible alternatives to solve the problem.

Most items sent to ACS for repair ARE repairable, but when occasionally they are not you will want to know you’ve got a proactive and conscientious customer service rep as your advocate.  Customer service is the key and we never forget it!