More Power To Ya…Find Out How to Choose The Right Power Supply

Do subjects like high peak load capability and high voltage safety testing keep you awake at night?

Worried about the California Energy Commission’s (CEC) requirements for efficiency and no-load power consumption? Confounded about why two seemingly-same power supplies can possibly perform differently?

If power supply selection, power supply repair, or other power supply issues are concerning you, then you will want to obtain the new, third edition of the  Power Supply Technical Guide by XP Power.  The plan was to boil all this information down for you right here to make it easy, but having just read this new guide myself, I can tell you… it is so jam packed with useful information that I have thrown my hands up and am just giving you the link.

You can find out current, need-to-know info about:

Power Conversion

Input Considerations

DC Output Considerations

Thermal Management



Technology Editorials

Best of all, it is FREE.  You can download it as a PDF or print it out if you are one of those paper-lovin’ folks (I admit, I like to turn a page and haven’t yet succumbed to the Kindle’s wiles).   Here it is guys…tear it up!

Call us at ACS Industrial Services  if you’ve got power supply questions or questions about any other type of  industrial electronic repairs.  We’re here to help!

ABB Is Now Promoting More Fun At Work

Attention all Manufacturers:   ABB is now promoting FUN!  Fun? At work you say?  Under the interesting news category we hear that ABB has teamed with tracermedia interactive to create an electronic game that entertains AND educates manufacturing plant professionals. 

Players have fun while experiencing how their reliability decisions will impact performance down the line and the overall business. Since this a virtual situation, your team can enjoy the challenge without worrying  about disastrous results.

It works like this:  players are members of a failing company.  Then, the game takes them through a series of real-life problems that require  reliability solutions to win the ABB Reliability Challenge.  The virtual manufacturing world gives players a sample of what companies may face in the real world. 

No matter what your plant produces, there are fundamentals that are critical to increasing production profitability that apply universally.  The game teaches several of these fundamentals using real-life examples. 

Sure beats another box lunch lecture!  Sign me up!  Maybe now I can beat my sons at Call of Duty 4 ….OK, probably not, but I’ll have fun trying.  You can check out the game at Just so you know, I don’t own any stock in ABB and I’m not getting any commission here, just thought you might find this interesting.

Speaking of ABB, remember, we repair ABB electronic equipment from ABB  monitors to ABB motors.  If your ABB equipment is giving you a headache, send it in to the ACS tech team for a free evaluation.   Or call our helpful customer service team at 800-605-6419 if you’ve got questions. We are standing by to help you.

Smudge Marks Touchscreen Security Risk?

Could smudge marks on your touch screen monitors leave you vulnerable to a security breach?  According to a University of Pennsylvania study it's true!  Researchers took photos of the smudge trails left on various touchscreens, digitally increased the contrast and found they could unlock secure touchscreens 92% of the time! 

I just checked out my new, totally cool android phone and sure enough, there are my paw prints leaving a “smudge trail” where I unlock the unit.  My phone is no big security breach, but this could affect touchscreen interfaces such as bank machines, voting machines, or any other public or industrial touchscreen requiring a graphical pattern password. 

While I wouldn't lie awake worrying about this, don't write it off either.  The underbelly of society seems to have no shame and no lack of perseverance in acquiring stuff that does not belong to them.  If you're using secure touchscreens in your business, consider switching to an alphanumeric password on a keyboard if possible.  Or, you can also have users wipe their hands across the screen a few times or use a touchscreen-appropriate cleaning cloth.

Researchers are now investigating other devices that may be susceptible and various other types of smudge attacks such as heat trails caused by the heat transfer of a finger touching a screen.  Something new to worry about…

If you are worried that your industrial touch screen monitor needs repair, send it in to our expert tech team for a free evaluation and quote.  We repair most touchscreen, LCD and CRT monitors including Allen Bradley touch screens, ELO, Fanuc, LG, NEC, Microtouch, Okuma and many other touchscreen manufacturers.  Check out our website,  or call our helpful customer service staff at 800-605-6419.